Tugas TOEFL Bahasa inggris bisnis 2

tugas toefl bahasa inggris bisnis 2




1.      “Your are welcome to order the goods now.”


“But the Payment should be made _______”


Answer            : C. In advance


Reason            : This sentence is Future perfect in passive.


2.      “Where do you live now?”


“I live in Utah ; my ______”


Answer            : C. Parents do, too.


Reason            : This sentence is simple present, and too is used because the subject is prural and v1.


3.      I cannot understand my neigbor’s accent. I wish she would ______.


Answer            : D. Speak more clearly.


Reason            : It conditional, after would followed by Verb1.


4.      “Why are you driving so fast?”


“I’m _______.”


Answers          : C. In a hurry


Reason            : Reposition + in


5.      I have your music CD. I think I _______ your concert video.


Answer            : D.Have further


Reason            : Also must be used before have.


6.      I hear you have started a new job. ______ like it?


Answer            : A. How do you


Reason            : Asking the feel of new condition.




7.      I really have to go now. I have _______ the doctor.


Answer            : D. An appoinment with.


Reason            : Article + Prepositional phrase.


8.      I can meet you at Central Station. Will _______?


Answer            : D. You be convenient.


Reason            : Because convinient followed by adjective.


9.      I don’t have any results for you today. I _______ tomorrow.


Anwer             : A. Have any.


Reason            : Because it’s a positive sentance.


10.  I would rather _______ a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy cafe.


Answer            : A. Have


Reason            : Would rather + Verb1


11.  “Where ______ last weekend?”


“I went to see my aunt and uncle.”


Answer            : D. Did you go


Reason             : Past Tense question


12.  I was very surprised _______ that she didn’t pass the exam.”


Answer            : A. hearing


Reason            : Gerund.


13.  “Why ______ she isn’t speaking to us ?”


“We must have done something that upset her. She just too sensitive.”


Answer            : C. Do you think


Raeson            : Simple Prensent tense for question.


14.  I hope that this winter won’t be ______ last.


Answer            : B. So cold as


Reason            : As + Adjective + as. Compharation simmilar.


15.  Sorry to be late. I was delayed by ______.”


Answer            : B. Heavy Traffic.


Reason            : Traffic is a noun countable


16.  The sky is getting dark. It ______ rain is on its way.


Answer            : C. Seems to


Reason            : Noun


17.  Would you do me a small favour? I _____ very much.


Answer            : D. Would appreciate it.


Reason            : Would + Verb1. For lightness


18.  I am familiar with that product. I dont know ______ times i’ve seen it advertised on TV.


Answer            : A.How many


Reason             : Beacuse it for Countable


19.  “When _____ leaving for Toronto, Canada?”


“We are planning to set out at 10 o’clock.”


Answer            : A. Are we


Reason            : Present continuous


20.  I asked robert when he could fix my leaking up tap. He said that he would come round and fix it _______.


Answer            : D. As soon as possible.


Reason            : adverb clause


21.  “Do you know ______ that building is?”


“I would say that was built at least 100 tears ago.”


Answer            : C. How old


Reason            : In question


22.  That man told us that the next train would arrive ____.


Answer            : A. At three thirty


Reason            : Some kind of indirect speech


23.  “How ________ a crowd had gathered at the scene of accident?”


“I dont’t know exactly, but there were a lot of shocked onlookers.”


Answer            : C.Many


Reason            : Perfect form+Verb1


24.  That is the city ______ worst crime record.


Answer            : C. With the


Reason             : Adverb


25.  “Where should i put this key?”


“You can ________ it on the shelf.”


Answer            : D. Put


Reason            : Present Future


26.  Write a book is trully a process, and one that is immposible to complete without considerable assistence from many others.


Answer            : Writing


Reason            : It must be gerund.


27.  The first section of this book will probably be most help to you right now.


Answer            : Helpfull


Raeson            : it must be adjective


28.  My slow and steady approach to the challenge of sleep focus on using this challenge as an opportunity to help you ans your baby.


Answer            :Approaches


Reason            : it must be subject




29.  Other parents might wanted to incrporate other calming rituals, such as singing a lullaby, saying prayers, or telling a story.


Answer            : Want


Reason            : after might it must be Verb1


30.  If you wait to return until a child is crying or calling for you, you are sending them the very clear message that these calls and cries will lead to your return, and there by motivating these behaviors.


Answer            : Motivate


Reason            : Must be parralel


31.  Just knowing that i would returned was enough to let him stay quitely in his bed


Answer            : Return


Reason            : After would must be Verb1


32.  When children awake at night, as they all will at some point, you face an additional challenge : Getting your child back to sleep when you are probably mostly asleep yourself.


Answer            : awake


Reason            : will + Verb1


33.  It seems to me that my previous position have afforded me just the experience needed to enable me to do work required in your office to your satisfaction.


Answer            : Positions


Reason            : Subject-verb agreement


34.  This feeding should be done quick and quitly so that you don’t provide unnecessary stimulation and excitement.


Answer            : Quickly


Reason            : Must be adverb


35.  I have been told by Mr. John L. Peterson, manager of credit, The Bussiness Book Publishing Company, New York, with whom i believed you acuainted that you are expecting to making some additions to you accounting staff in January 2013.




Answer            : Make


Reason            : Must be invinitive


36.  I shall be in Rio de Janiero in January, i hope that you given me an interview at sometime convinient to you during that month.


Answer            : Give


Reason             : Must be Verb1


37.  Thank you very much for calling to my attention the possible vacancies in the Accounting Departement at the Brazilian branch of the International Bussiness Book Company on Rio de Janiero.


Answer            : in


Reason            : must be in because it’s a town


38.  In the school year of 2006 – 2008, i take two courses with you, “Accounting Problems” and “Cost Accounting” at Bronx Community Collage in the evening section.


Answer            : Took


Reason            : because it has already happened it must be Past tense


39.  I am great interested in the poition as you outline it to me.


Answer            : Very


Reason            : Must be adverb


40.  You may not relishing continually buying pacifiers or having multiple back up pacifiers with you at all time.


Answer            : Relish

Reason            : Must be Verb1

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